Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simply Sunday

It was Simply Sunday today.

We woke up and went to church.
When the kids came home from Camp Winshape we decided to make it a priority to go to church again on Sundays.
Every week since, I've heard something that really spoke to me.
It's good to be back at Southside listening to Andy Stanley.

After church we grabbed Tera and headed to the pool for some Simple Poolside Fun.

Now, I have a couple of "Claim to Fames" that I bring up while breaking the ice with people or trying to prove that I am indeed cool.
For example, I went to high-school with a playboy playmate of the year.
(and I'm pretty sure she thought I was prettier...assuming she knew who I was being a couple years younger than her.)

My brand new Claim to Fame is that a grand-prize sole Survivor (from the reality show) is in this picture I took of the kids today at the pool.
I'm not going to say his name because I don't want anyone searching for him to come upon my blog. 
Hello, Internet Privacy.
(If you want to know who it is e-mail me.)

 Back home we showered up and made a Simple Dinner.

Lauren made our dinner tonight.
Chicken Nuggets and Steamed Broccoli.

I got this natural smile from her by yelling out "cheesy butt farts."
I'm so not proud of myself.

I'm trying something different for our dinners this week and maybe the next.
My pantry is F-U-L-L so I'm taking on a self-imposed Full Pantry Challenge.
I'm going to pick two or more items from the pantry/fridge each day and come up with a recipe to use them in the evening's dinner.

Tomorrow I'm going to use a couple of these dried Ancho chilis I've had forever, pair them with Linguine from the pantry and frozen shrimp from the freezer to make Ancho Chile, Shrimp and Pasta.

It should be Simply Delicious.
I hope you all had a Simply fun Sunday like we did.

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