Sunday, August 25, 2013

Someone Just Got Her Ears Pierced!

Lauren woke up Saturday morning and said, "I want to pierce my ears."
I have no qualms with pierced ears so when she declared her wish I was happy to oblige.

We headed to the nearest CLAIR'S to hear what the responsibilities would be and for Lauren to make her final decision.

Lauren was told she would have to clean and rotate the piercings three times a day for the next six weeks and then continuously wear earrings everyday for the next 6 months. 
She said "OKAY."

So let the sizing begin.
While Lauren held the teddy bear the head piercer (Miss Melissa) marked in pen where the earrings would go.

Making sure they looked even.
(She did a great job!)

Miss Melissa had a co-worker hold the 2nd gun so Lauren could have both ears pierced at the same time.
Ready, Set, ka-BOOM!

AND....They're pierced!
(She wasn't ready to smile yet.)
 She said it hurt more than I told her it would.
(I told her it would hurt as much as a shot.  She said, "it hurt for 10 minutes and way more than a shot.")
So now we know.  =)

 She chose her birthstone (Aquamarine) for her first earrings.

They look great and really sparkle in the sun.
I'm proud of my sweet girl.  She wanted something, learned about it, and then she followed through.  Way to go Lauren.

So... I'm sure we could look at Lauren's new earrings all day long but let's instead end this post with a pic of Romy relaxing.
Totally chill-axing.
Let it all hang out sweet boy.

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Jan said...

Congratulations, Lauren. Your earrings look great!!