Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Minecraft Maniacs (still)

Once a week during the school year, I go to lunch with a group of girlfriends.
Today was the Olive Garden.

I had the unlimited Soup and Salad special.
Minestrone Soup (2pts) and 3 servings of Salad w/ balsamic vinegar (total of 5 points.)

At lunch one of my friends mentioned that her kids were currently obsessed with Youtube videos of MINECRAFT.
I jokingly asked her, "What's Minecraft?"
She told me all about it.
I guess I haven't told her about L and T's Minecraft addiction.

Said addiction is still going strong.
Yesterday they made their own screen-savers on their computers.
Apparently, on one screen-saver setting you can type in any word you want and it will float around the screen while the computer is resting.

Lauren chose MINECRAFT

Tyler chose CREEPER AAAAA!!!!!
(please notice the minecraft papercraft in the corner)

As you know L and T get 3, 20-minute screen-times per day.

Most are spent back and forth like this.
This happens to be Tyler's screen time but he's nice enough to let Lauren watch.

My friend at lunch mentioned that a number of Minecraft videos on Youtube have inappropriate language for children our children's age.  So for her benefit and also for all you other closet Minecraft addicts I thought I'd link to a couple of cuss-word free, child-friendly YouTube Minecraft videos.

If you know of any others please let me Minecraft Maniacs would greatly appreciate it.

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