Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Project, A Party and A Purring Little Thing

A Project:
Stepping Stones to the basement

We have a decent slope in our backyard from the back deck down to the day-light basement.
I've wanted some steps made out of big blocks of stone for awhile.
This weekend my wonderful husband made it happen.
(He ran out of time this weekend so will finish it next weekend)
It's going to look great!

The view from the basement level.
Those stones are HEAVY!!
He's had to rely on neighbors to help him put them in because I'm afraid I'll throw my back out.

A Party:
Tera had a birthday so we all went skating to celebrate.
(Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the birthday girl. Why didn't I?!!)


She's S-L-O-W-L-Y getting more comfortable on skates.


Not long after we spent the $5 to rent the Rolling Support thingy he wanted nothing to do with it and ventured out on the perimeter by himself.
Way to go Tyler!

A Purring Little Thing:
Romy looks so cute here but when awake he's always up to something mischievous. 
Lately his act of defiance is digging up the corners of the carpet.
Little does he know, he's got the appointment with the vet coming up soon.  (snip snip)

We enjoyed a fun and productive weekend. 
School starts in TWO days!

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