Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekly Menu

(This post is dedicated to Leslie W. who told me via Facebook and in person today that she expects some sort of blog post ASAP.  We took kickboxing together at the gym today and I saw her moves...I don't want to piss her off!!)

so without further ado, here's my...

Weekly Menu

Monday:  Crab Cakes and Spicy Mustard Sauce & Salad

Wow those crab cakes look huge!
They were hugely delicious as well.
(even the harshest critics (Lauren and Tyler) devoured them)

That looks better with them next to my salad.
(Don't tell my family but I added a can of solid albacore along with the canned lump crab.
No one noticed a thing.  Not even Matt who is a huge restaurant crab cake snob.)

Tuesday:  Cheese Ravioli with Pesto & left-over biscuits & applesauce (not pictured)

a hit with the kiddos as well
(I omitted the pine nuts)

Wednesday:  Chicken Rollatini Stuffed with Zucchini and Mozzarella & frozen veggies (long-time residents of the freezer)
Thursday:  left-overs
Friday:  neighborhood Bunco - so Matt and kids are on their own

Angie's Egg Biscuits (to have on hand for breakfasts and meals on the run)
Mexican Inspired Vegetable Soup (my favorite "lose-weight" lunch)
Sweet-Tooth Mix (kid snack for school-lunches and after-school)

Good Eatin' Y'all!

(Thanks Leslie for your threats encouragement.  This post wasn't all that hard to do.)

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