Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday: The Good and The Bad of it

I always choose the Bad News first (to get it over with) so here we go...

Lauren had a dentist appointment today and the Doctor found a CAVITY.
I was crushed.  Even though Lauren brushes her own teeth, at age seven her health and well being are still my responsibility and I feel I failed her.  Lauren, however, had no idea anything was out of the ordinary.  The Dr. talked to me privately and suggested I say nothing to her. "This will make the filling of the cavity much less stressful." (Do you agree with the Doc?)

I was sent home with the paperwork for our next appointment in a couple of weeks.
White Filling, Sealants for her healthy 6-year-old molars (standard procedure,) and Nitrous Oxide.

S'cuse me?  NITROUS OXIDE?!?!
I've never had the "laughing gas" and I'm crushed my baby is going to get it.
Hopefully, I can keep myself together enough to comfort her during her next appointment
  I'm getting myself upset again so now on the the Good News...

"Great News!" actually
Lauren is the Cub of the Week (Student of the Week)
She (we) put together this collage to tell her class all about her.
Picture of Herself:  Lauren riding her bike
Family Picture:  top right corner
Picture of Pet:  Chloe opening the door to the garage
"What I like best about me:"  I like being a Girl.
Favorite Food:  Strawberries
Favorite Book:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
Favorite Color:  Pink
"When I grow up I want to be...:"  a Teacher
"I am special because...:"  I was a Preemie, Just look at me know.
"I want to visit...:"  LegoLand California
Favorite Sport:  Basketball
Favorite TV Show:  Fetch with Ruff Ruffman

Way to go Lauren! 

In addition to the Good and the Bad of Monday here's a little bonus information:
the latest inDemand computer game is:
Our 9 year old neighbor comes over to just to play.
(don't worry I time their computer time)


brian said...

I play Bloon Tower Defense 4... I really should grow up. Tell Lauren great job!

Gloria said...

Good luck to both of you at the dentist. I'm sure Lauren will do fine - probably better than Mom!
Congrats to Lauren on being "Cub of the Week". Of course we all think she is actually "Cub of the Year"!!

Shanna said...

I LOVE the nitrous oxide. Yes, please! I'm sure she'll do fine. :)