Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tyrone Founders Day Festival

Today was a good day.  Matt suggested we get out of the house and let the kids ride their bikes.
--Great Idea--
We opted for the bike path around the lake in Tyrone.  

Lucky for us, today was Tyrone's Founder's Day Festival.  We biked to the main street just in time for the parade.  
 We used the kids' bike helmets to hold the mass-load of candy they scored from the parade.

Not a bad turn-out.  Well done Tyrone!

 Lauren said, "after my birthday, this is the best day of my life."
(As parents we LOVE to hear this!)

When the parade was finished we did 3 laps around the lake.
(each lap is a half mile)

I love this picture of Matt holding Tyler's hand.

Lauren did great.  We put her training wheels back on her bike and she gained a lot of confidence.  She also got a great muscle workout on the (slight) hills.

She's a cutie for sure.

After exhausting ourselves at the bike path we headed over to the Tyrone Carnival.  Among other rides we enjoyed the swings...

 the dragon spinners...

and the carousel...
take one:  darn pole
 take two:  darn horse
take three:  well we'll take it

We came home just in time to listen to the Oregon vs. Missouri St. game on XM Radio (since our Direct TV did not televise.).  The Oregon slaughter win just complemented our Best Day Ever.

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