Monday, September 12, 2011

School Picture Day

Today was Picture Day (yes, already!)

Lauren is wearing her own outfit she specifically picked out for Picture Day.
Dress from Justice, Leggings from Old Navy and Twinkle Toes (the shoes)

Tyler is wearing a shirt from Carters, shorts from OshKosh and Mossimo flip flops from Target.
He's hiding in the corner because that's where he goes to mess up his hair immediately after I wet it down and comb it.  He also secretly snuggles with his blanket.  (Don't tell but I'm obviously onto him.)

After school neighbor Joshua came over to play.
He's in 4th grade but L and T love to play with him.
After they played on the computer for 20 minutes I kicked them off and made them play something else.
I suggested tag or something out doors but they chose a board game.
Operation: Toy Story 

After losing the game, Lauren did her best to bother them.
("maybe they won't notice if I slide my hand under the game and give it a big bump every so often")

I'm looking forward to seeing how their school pictures turned out.

P.S.  Tyler said something funny last night that I want to record so I don't forget.  
Last night as I tucked him in I did the usual hug, and nose kiss (he won't let me regular kiss him anymore.)  I told him I Loved Him and waited.  He didn't say "I love you too, Momma" (like he usually does) so I repeated myself.  He didn't say it once again so I called him on it.  He then told me that he did say it but " I said it in my brain."  I'll take it!  Love that boy.

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