Sunday, June 2, 2013


We are still in the process of clearing out part of the backyard.
Previously, Matt had trimmed the lower branches from many of the trees out back.

This weekend he rented a Bush Hog and took out the bushes and brush and growth from the ground.
(the mask is to protect from the poison ivy/oak)

(the duct tape is to keep the chiggers away)
Matt, Lauren and Tyler have all experienced chigger bites and let me say I hope they never do again.  Remember L and T's encounter?

Matt worked H-A-R-D.

He rarely rested but when he did it was from pure exhaustion.

The yard looks Amazing.
(the day before the ground was completely covered with 6+ inches of growth.)

 There is a lot more usable space now.
(The angle of the picture (from the 2nd story deck) just doesn't do it justice.)

Well Done WildMan Matt!

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