Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vacation 2013: BOISE

Well Hello!
I'm glad you came back.  You wanna check out some pictures from our Boise Vacation?

Here we are making the NINE HOUR voyage back to the great state of Idaho.
Check it out...I took a picture from the car as we zoomed by the "Welcome to IDAHO" sign.  It turns out I inadvertently took a picture of a family posing for their own picture by the sign.  Awesomely Random!

Our time at Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael's house was full of sweet cousins.
Madison and Crisstopher sandwiched in between Tyler and Lauren.
Everyone playing their own screen-time of course.

Lauren and Madison pose as mermaids in front of the Idaho Aquarium.

This place was great!
We got to feed the fish.  They ate the food right out of our hands.

Karate chopping the fish was not encouraged but Crisstopher didn't get the memo.

(one of the only pictures I have that includes Grandma Jan (aka Granny Junior) year I'll do better)

They also had a bird exhibit and everyone got to feed them.  The birds would land on shoulders and arms and anything else to get close to their nectar.

The weather was absolutely perfect our entire trip.
We took advantage of the glorious temps and visited the Roaring Springs Water Park.

Madison, Lauren, and Tyler

We had a blast!

surf's up!

Lauren and Tyler both went down this monster slide.

Daddy and Tyler braved this back-and-forth

This one required you to swim after splash landing.
Only Lauren was brave enough for this.

 Everyone was game for the lazy river.
Lauren, Matt, Tyler, and Madison

Grandpa Michael and Crisstopher

While Madison wears her friendly out-going personality on her sleeve, Crisstopher is a bit slow to warm up.  He'll be shy for a few minutes but eventually his spunky fun-loving side comes out.

checking things out

joining right in

Love These Kids!

(remember three years ago?)

As always our time in Boise is way too short.
We have some ideas for next year to make it longer.
In the mean time stay tuned for the final Vacation 2013 post.
We're heading to Garden Valley, Idaho.

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