Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our New Addition

Meet Romeo.
We mostly call him "Romy" or "Ro Ro."

Our neighbor called us up last night asking if we were interested in a 5-week-old kitten they couldn't keep.
Matt said no but I said we'd think about it.
Of course, Matt eventually came around and said yes.
Happy Wife, Happy Life (wink)

At first I didn't like him much.  He was so skittish and scared.  He roamed the perimeter of the house and Would Not settle down.

The only place he would relax was in the litter box.
Who sleeps on their own toilet?!
I asked my good friend, "Dr. Google" and found out it could be a security and comfort issue.

So... I decorated a carrier crate with a towel and some cat toys, all of which purred, "I am a safe place to seek shelter, comfort, and rest."
Ahh, How sweet!

Today he took a long three hour nap in his crate and woke up a whole new kitten.  He was super cuddly.  He purred and kneaded and we snuggled and bonded.  He's a sweet little 5-month-old kitty cat.

Chloe, however, Does Not Agree.
She hates him.

 She hates him so much she puffs up in disgust.

 They seem to be making progress though.
 They are getting closer to each other.

And even closer yet.
(The black water bottle is to remind Chloe that if she attacks Romy she's going to get sprayed.)

Things can only get better from here.
Stay tuned.

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G. Jan said...

He looks like he could be Chloe's brother. Very cute! How did you talk Matt into keeping him? Dogs & cats usually love their kennels. Put him in it at night. It's a lot easier!