Monday, June 24, 2013

too many True Crime movies

 Look what greeted me as I went to get the mail today.

We don't have an exterior door in our garage so I often leave the big garage door open for most of the day.  It was open today and sometime between 1pm and 3pm this message appeared in my garage right outside my kitchen door.

I immediately thought one of my neighbors was telling me I should keep my garage door closed during the day to be safe.  (It has been mentioned before.)  I then texted my neighbors asking if they left me the friendly message.
No One Did.

I then jumped to the conclusion that some stranger was trying to scare me by showing me how close they could get to my house without me knowing.
I checked the Denali for hiding bad guys and also did a perimeter check of the garage.

The handwriting did not seem like a child's writing so I never thought to ask Lauren or Tyler if they wrote it.  I didn't want them to think I was worried about anything.

However, before I called the authorities I thought I should just rule out the obviously slim possibility that one of my kids wrote the message.

I hollered upstairs where they were playing and asked them if anyone was using chalk in the garage.

Lauren piped right up, "Yes, Ma'am, I wrote 'Be Careful' so Tera would know Tyler was after her."

And there you have it.
I obviously watch too many True Crime movies on Lifetime.

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brian said...

hahaha. That was awesome.