Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vacation 2013: GARDEN VALLEY

Well hey!
You're still here.
Why don't you check out these photos of our last leg of our 2013 vacation.

Garden Valley, Idaho
MeMa and PaPa's house

The top thing to do in Garden Valley is ride 4-Wheelers.
(I attempted a couple years ago and almost rode myself down a don't ride anymore.  Luckily for the kids...Daddy is always game.)

Another fun thing to do is to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature.

MeMa and PaPa's "cabin" is the grey roof nestled into the hills.

This trip to MeMa and PaPa's house was extra special because it included a huge family reunion.  Matt's Dad has 5 other siblings and they all showed up with their own families.  We had about 60 or so relatives shuffling around.  I had a great time meeting everyone (again) and Matt had a blast reconnecting with the cousins he grew up with.  I cannot believe we didn't take a picture with everyone.  I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of anyone.  I guess I was too busy chatting it up and reconnecting.

But here is a picture of Madison and Tyler playing Ladder Toss (Redneck Golf.)

 After the family reunion broke up we spent an extra night with Matt's sisters and their families.
Matt, Uncle Pete, and Uncle CD made up some sausage/cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon.  Holy Yumm.

 In the garage the kids enjoyed some face paint...umm body paint?

Cousin Jake had a recent birthday so of course there was a pinata.

Cousins full of candy.
Lauren and Hailey

Before we left Garden Valley we made sure to take a picture in the front yard.
L and T with MeMa and PaPa

(remember TWO years ago?)

This two week vacation went by way too fast.
We are already missing our family. 
~It's hard living so far away.~

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