Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vacation 2013: OREGON

Well Hello!
How've you been?

We've been on a jam packed two-week vacation visiting family and having fun.
Wanna check out my photos with me?

We took a late flight out.

The first part of our vacation was set in Oregon.
(Idaho was our second destination.)
It was cheaper, however, to fly into Idaho than Eugene or Portland so we flew into Boise, spent the night with G'ma Jan and G'pa Michael and then drove NINE HOURS to Grammy's house in Oregon.
(Huge THANKS to Grandpa Michael for letting us borrow his car!!)

We stopped at Sahalie Falls on our way.  

Supporting Brad's Car Tunes (my tank top) at the Falls

Once we made it to Grammy's house we were on the go-go-go.
Our friends hosted a cook-out (BBQ) for us, Grammy and G.G. (Grandma Great) hosted a family gathering and I got to see some dear old friends. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the aforementioned. 

Of course I have pictures of our traditional visit to the Enchanted Forest.

The kids' favorite: The Crooked House

This year they were brave enough for the Haunted House.
I have not been yet but they told me it was pretty scary.

with Grammy

Ice-cream makes him crazy.

Back at Grammy's house we enjoyed Voodoo Donuts!  They have a shop in Eugene now.
the fruit-loop

We spent a lot of time with my brother Kevin, his wife Mili, and their son, Patrick along with my baby brother Brian (still a baby at 27.)
Obviously, the only one to be photographed was little Patrick.
He's the cutest thing and already bilingual.
Ask him to count to ten and you'll hear:
uno, dos, tres, four, five, six, siete, ocho, nine, ten

Here we are at the Oregon Coast.
Grammy has a house in Lincoln City so we always try to spend a few days there when we are in town.
(don't worry, the orange sweatshirt is NOT Oregon's Boise State...conveniently left by Matt's sister & husband when they stayed at the beach house.)

It was freezing *arse* cold but the kiddos still dipped their toes in Pacific.

One can't ask for a prettier day at the Oregon coast.  Not a cloud in sight.  However, the sustained wind was straight out of Alaska.  No Joke!

Patrick didn't seem to mind though.

Sea Lions in Newport
(the veteran sunbathers wouldn't let the new guy get up on the pier)

watching some crazy people surfing in full body wet-suits

natural brother and sister love
(I neither confirm nor deny that anyone was threatened and/or bribed for this photo.)

Four Generations
(I'm the giant)

Vacation 2013: Oregon was a success.
It went by way too fast but it was wonderful to see everyone again.

(stay tuned for Vacation 2013: Boise, Idaho and also Vacation 2013: Garden Valley, Idaho)

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