Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pools, Cats and All Thats

While I went grocery shopping alone, Matt took the kids to the swimming POOL.
(Thank you Matt!!)

Back at home I think the CATS improved on their relationship.
Chloe watched him eat but did not attack.
(a huge improvement)

Here she even appears nonchalant.  

Look at ALL THAT going on in this picture:
#1:  Romy...sweet Romy
#2:  Starting to get ready for Camp Winshape
(a blog of its own coming next month)
#3:  A heated game of UNO.  The pink chair on the table is how Tyler hides his cards.

It's time for me to go enjoy my family.
It's been a full day of Pools, Cats and All Thats.

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Gloria said...

Probably a good idea to separate the feeding areas - at least for awhile. I peeked at the camp link. Sounds like a super time. Can't wait for the blog about it. Great blog. Love that Romy! (and Chloe, too).