Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shiny New Mazda

Do you remember THREE WEEKS and ONE DAY ago when Matt had is little "DOH" moment?

Well, it's been a long THREE WEEKS while his car has been in the shop.

They were kind enough to send him a picture of his broken car.
(I love the pine cone in the drip tray.)

While his car has been out of commission we've had to "make things work" with one car for the whole family.
For work, he's either bummed a ride with a neighbor who also works downtown or I've been driving him to the Marta station (25 miles away) to catch the train.  
(25 miles there + 25 miles home) and repeat again after work = A LOT OF MILES PUT ON MY gas-guzzling SUV!

So, today, THREE WEEKS and ONE DAY after the DOH! moment,
I'm ecstatic to announce we have finally been reunited with the Mazda!!
Doesn't it look so shiny and new?
(He made sure to engage the emergency brake.)


brian said...

You better slap some cinder blocks under those tires... just in case.

Jan Hoke said...

Or put in a cement curb at the end of the driveway! Mom