Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hey, How've Ya Been?

It's been awhile since we've chatted.
How've Ya Been?

We've been busy almost to the point that I don't even want to blog about it (too much, too overwhelming) but I know y'all've been losing sleep so grab some refreshments and y'all settle in while I catch you up.
(can you hear my southern accent?)

*We enjoyed FIELD DAY at school.*
The kids got to spend half of their day doing fun outdoor activities.  The weather was overcast and about 60 something degrees.  It was great...we didn't need sunscreen nor did we bake in the sun.

top row, clockwise:  Lauren's Super Reddog Class, tug-of-war, parachute fun
bottom row, L to R:  big foot race, super hero fashion show and finally One Worn Out Class after a Super Fun FIELD DAY

clockwise:  frisbee toss (he nails it,) waiting for the water balloon toss, spin around the baseball bat, parachute fun, laser maze, and volleyball 

*We visited the school Book Fair.*
Both kids were so excited for the book fair that I had to buy them whatever books they wanted.
Tyler chose the two on top and Lauren picked out the bottom two.  She likes all the children's books written by Rick Riordan.
Lauren also purchased Stranded written by the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst!  (This was such a popular book that they had to make another order.)

*We went skating!*

*We added to the Lady Bug population.*
(Thanks G'ma Jan and G'pa Michael for the Lady Bug Land.  We had a blast with this and learned a lot.  Especially that ladybug larvae are quite ugly alligator-looking creatures.  And they shed their shells quite often.)
The ladybugs are currently enjoying their freedom and eating all the aphids they can find in my garden.

*We celebrated my Birthday.*
We celebrated with dinner (and drinks) at Ted's Montana Grill and then yummy presents at home.
Matt has good taste!

*We did some Yard Work.*
We're in the process of clearing out some of the brush, lower branches and small trees in the backyard.  I got a quote for $1400 but Matt said he could do it himself.  He's such a stud.

*Tyler learned all about the leaf blower.*
Our current family motto is "We do hard things."
Well done, Tyler!

and finally,
*Matt made a corn-hole set from scratch.*
He's a genius I tell you.  A jack-of-most-trades.

He made the corn-hole set for his 40th Birthday Party.
It was a great birthday party but you're going to have to wait a little longer to hear about it.

But I'm really glad we had this little chat and caught up with one another.


Gloria said...

Great post and catch-up. Good to hear you have been busy with fun stuff. Love to hear about Matt and his projects. He is (should be) an inspiration to us all to at least try to do it ourselves. Are you sure you can't stay for a couple months next time you visit - I could come up with a project or two to keep him busy.

Jan Hoke said...

Glad to get your update. U guys have been busy! I need some ladybugs for my flowers. We r going to order ours when we get back from trip to Ohio. Glad the kids had fun with them!