Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the Fourth Day We Rested

 The first three days of summer vacation have been Go! Go! Go!!!
We went to the pool three days in a row.

And we played with friends three days in a row. 
(bouncing with the neighbors)

(Chutes and Ladders with Troy)

Today, the Fourth Day of Summer Vacay, we took it easy.
Since the kids are on my schedule now they got to accompany me to the gym for my morning workout.  After a quick shower we headed out for a fun afternoon at the library.

They each checked out 5 books.
Immediately, after we got home they settled into their respective sofas and started READING!!
(check out the charging iPAD being ignored off to the side!)


The other books they checked out.
(I love their love for reading.)

We've started a Summer Reading List.
Lauren's goal is to fill up a whole sheet of paper.
(she's off to a good start) 

Tyler's off to a great start too.
He's actually up to 7 books.  He listed 4 books in lines 4. and 5.
(4.  Dinosaurs Before Dark, 5. Monster School First Day Frights, 6. Gravity is a Mystery, and 7. Pyramids)

Summer's off to a great start.

Oh...but this...
I saw Matt pull into the driveway after work today and noticed these black marks on his front bumper.
(say what?!!!!)
He said he unavoidably hit a piece of a semi-truck tire while driving on the Interstate.
(it happens)
It actually broke the plastic underpan and cracked the paint on the brand new bumper.
Go ahead and re-read these posts again to see why I cracked up in disbelief.

These things are done in threes, right?
So we're done.....right?!!!

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