Thursday, May 23, 2013

Awards Day 2013

 Today was Awards Day at the Elementary School.
Both of my babies did outstanding in the awards department and I couldn't be prouder of all their hard work.

Tyler's ceremony was first.
He received the following awards:
 (the Six Flags Six Hour Reading award includes a Ticket To Six Flags Over Georgia!)
He also received the Citizenship Certificate for his class.  This is the highly coveted award where his classmates choose the best Citizen (one boy and one girl) in the class.
This happens to be his second Citizenship Certificate in a row as he was chosen in his Kindergarten class...but I'm not one to brag.

He asked if I would take his picture in front of the number board.
(he's a numbers kind of guy like his Daddy)
 Shortly after that he opted to change out of his "scratchy" elastic-waisted khaki pants and into his normal silky sweatpants and t-shirt attire.

Here he is posing with his most wonderful first grade teacher and his well deserved awards.
Awesome Job, Tyler!

Next up was Lauren's 3rd grade class awards.

She received the following awards:

Did you notice she ALSO received the Citizenship Certificate for her class?!
For the second year in a row she was voted Best (female) Citizen by her classmates...but I'm not one to brag. 
So remarkable!

Here she is accepting her awards from her teacher.

She's not done being rewarded though.  She was asked to come up to the front again.
 All her reading paid off this year and she was awarded a TROPHY for earning over 300 AR points (Accelerated Reader points)

She actually earned 370 points...the highest in her class and second highest in her grade.
She is very proud of her trophy!
(as are her parents)

We Love You Ms. W!

This was hard work but made easier because she LOVES to read.
I LOVE that she shares my love for reading.
Congrats Lauren!

I was a bit emotional after the Award Ceremonies were over.  I was over the moon proud of my children.  I know they earned their awards by their own hard work but I also felt a bit vindicated in my parenting style.

I'm not the "always say yes," "best friend" kind of mom.  I'm strict, I set and enforce rules, and am not afraid to impose consequences.  (i.e.  Next time Lauren slams her bedroom door it will be taken off its hinges and removed entirely.)  I'm so much more like my Dad than I thought I would ever be.
But, I think L and T thrive in the structured, rule-oriented environment.  Even though I doubt myself and my parenting technique occasionally...ultimately, I think I'm doing alright.


Post Script:
Switching Gears to Nature

While checking on my garden this afternoon...

I found this nasty slithery guy DEAD and stuck in the netting I have surrounding my garden.  He got himself stuck and slithered and slathered so much he cut himself in the wire and hopefully died peacefully.

While Matt was removing snake carcass he checked on the bird nest under our deck.
These monster babies sure poop up a storm.  We're ready for them to fly the coop ASAP.

Ever since Matt was attacked by chiggers a couple of weeks ago he's been vigilant about spraying the house for bugs.
While spraying the perimeter of the house he thinks he accidentally hit this lizard guy.

He seems fine to me.
Run Lizard Run!

One more day until Summer Vacation!!  Enjoy it.

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Nice work Lauren and Tyler!