Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Loving my Boy on the Five Twenty-Nines

The kids were bored this afternoon so I suggested they go to a neighbor's house and invite their friend to play.

Tyler said, "Yes, can I go ask?" and Lauren shyly said, "No."
Tyler then asked if he could talk to me in private.
"Momma, can I talk to you alone?"
We went into the bathroom and he said,
 "I don't think Lauren wants to go because she is shy.  But I'll go and ask."

I finally convinced Lauren to go along with her brother with a promise that Tyler would do all the talking.

And look who they brought home.
Our neighbor and friend Rock.

Tyler's bravery really impressed me and Lauren's hesitancy brought back memories of myself as a child.  I also, would often shyly hang back and let my younger brother ring the door bell and ask our friends to play.

Seeing Tyler take charge today made me think of how much he has grown over the years and I wanted to reminisce.  Enjoy these pictures of Tyler on the Five Twenty-Nines (May 29th) over the years.

last year, 6-years-old, at a friends pool

5-years-old, at a friends birthday cook-out

4-years-old, our backyard pool

3-years-old, patio of a restaurant (Rita's)

2-years-old, stacking blocks in our family room

1-year-old, at the condo at Miramar Beach, FL

2-months-old, Gulf Shores, Alabama

I love that boy today and everyday.

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