Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Petting Zoo for Mommies"

My wonderful hair stylist recently had her first child.
I was willing to let my hair go wild until she came back to work at the salon but she offered to "tame" my hair if I was willing to come to her house.
(ummm, of course!)

So, while my hair was processing and all foiled up Matt (who has been working out of town the past couple of days) texted me and asked how I was doing.

I sent him this picture with the caption:
"Getting my hair done and holding a baby.  I want one."

He texted back:
"Do they have babies at the salon for mommies to hold and get their fix?"
and then he texted:
"Is it like a petting zoo for Mommies?  Who's baby is it?"

Brittany and I had a good laugh over the "petting zoo for Mommies" comment.

I just may get my hair colored/cut/whatevere'd more often if I get to hold or "pet" her sweet little baby.

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