Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mr. Awesome

Matt has always been Mr. Awesome to me but his new friends at CorkSport just realized it and sent him an AWESOME! trophy.

Not only does Matt like to crash his Mazda Speed 3 into trees in the backyard, he also likes to soup it up and make it more like a race car.

He recently purchased some new Mazda Motor Mounts from CorkSport.  He purchased both a side and rear motor mount.  As far as I can tell these will simply let him peel out faster, louder, and more obnoxiously.
(but what do I know?)

The funny thing is when he purchased the new Motor Mounts he was on the phone with CorkSport  customer service for quite awhile.  He had them charge four different Visa Gift Cards he had been given over the years. 
The CorkSport guys were awesomely patient with him.
Hours later the transaction was done.

A day after Matt received his CorkSport merchandise he received a special surprise package from them.
Included was an Awesome Trophy...

and a letter,
(Matt, Just thinking of how we ended up charging 4 credit cards for you.  Last night I was out to eat with a group of friends and we tried to pay for the bill with 6 different cards and I thought, man this is just like [what] Matt did at CS [CorkSport!]  Anyway, made you a trophy.  Congrats.)

 The back of the Trophy!
Matt is an official CorkSport Winner!

This small gesture from CorkSport is impressively AWESOME.  Their customer service is top-notch as is the entire company.  If you own a Mazda of any kind check them out.
You too can peel out faster, louder, and more obnoxiously.

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Jan said...

That is priceless and we love you Christine, the person you are. The most understanding wife ever. Michael told me it runs in the family, gift cards & coupons. Matt & I always want a deal, using as many gift cards or as many coupons as possible on one purchase!!