Monday, April 8, 2013

A Thing About Emergency Brakes...

We had a rough morning today.

First, Lauren accidentally dumped 2 quarts of milk all over the kitchen counter and floor.
Second, Matt forgot to set the emergency brake on his car while he ran back inside to get something...while it was running.


We heard the crash from the kitchen and then the blaring horn.
(Why does the horn always sound off after a crash?)

Imagine the car turned around, idling in neutral, and then left alone to do its gravity thing.

Did you know when an air bag deploys it leaves a powdery dust?

 The beast of a TREE got away without even a scratch.

We called our friend who fixed Matt's car after the recent hail storm and he came to look at it.
He said he likes repeat business but not like this.  

For part of the day today I felt sick to my stomach. I felt bad for Matt and for all the inconvenience and extra expense headed our way.
But then, I decided it was stupid to feel this way.
No one was in the car.  Not Matt, Not the kids.  No one was hurt.
I hear of so many accidental tragedies that I'm grateful it was just an empty car and all it's going to cost is time and money to fix it.

But I think we did learn a Thing About Emergency Brakes today.


Gloria said...

Oh no - Poor Matt. I would definitely blame the car, though. Or maybe the tree. Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly. Next on Matt's to-do list: Build a curb at the non business end of the driveway.

Anonymous said...

So glad no one was in the car. Can it be fixed? You need a fence like your neighbor at the top of the hill!! G. Jan

brian said...

Ouch. That's a real bummer. Glad no one was hurt tho. I've got a 1992 Toyota pickup for sale...

Christine said...

Do you deliver Brian? Matt was hoping it couldn't be fixed but the estimate came to $9600. One expensive "DOH!"