Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break on the Gulf

Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael treated us to an AWESOME Spring Break vacation in Destin, Florida.
It was a ton of fun and I'll let the pictures speak (most of) my 1000 words.

How could it not be fun with these two goofy hat wearing grandparents?
Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael

(aka Granny Jr. and Mr. Granny Jr.)

We stayed at the Majestic Sun at Seascape 
(you can see our condo because we were right inside the ARCH)

**Our Condo**
front door looking in

1st door on the right
Matt and I took this room.
(I bring my green pillow everywhere I go because I'm getting old and my neck likes my green pillow.)

Our bedroom bathroom and closed closet door.

2nd door down
The kids' bedroom.
(Yes, they can still share a bedroom without massive sibling fights breaking out.)

The kids and I watched Karate Kid 2 one night in their room.
(I had to add this picture because Tyler looks so cute and cozy.)

The laundry room.


Kitchen and Living Room
(we were inside the ARCH so we had side windows!)

Dining table and Living Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom looking toward the en suite bathroom and closet.

Relaxing in the Living Room

the extensive Balcony

the other side

AHHH The View!!

I Love the Gulf Coast!!!!

We spent a warm sunny day at the beach.

Love this pic!  Where's (most of) Lauren?

The water was a bit chilly but that didn't stop Daddy and Tyler from hitting some waves.

One day we headed down to the Destin Boardwalk.

We took a Pirate Ship Cruise...

...and then did some Bubble Swimming...

...along with a little high jumping.

We also watched a local fisherman clean his fish and throw the left-overs to the birds.

Tyler wanted in on the action so he pretended to throw fish to the birds.
They went crazy anyway.

One day it rained.  ALL DAY.
(The above picture is for my Dad's side of the family from Menominee, MI - 
the license plate is Michigan and the window sticker is U.P. (Upper Peninsula))

We hopped in the car (as did everyone in town) and fought traffic to get to Panama City Beach to visit Matt's college friend who owns a restaurant there.
(The food was great so check it out if you're ever in town!)

While in PCB we visited WonderWorks.
(the upside down mansion you see in select cities)
It was neat but it was crowded.  I'm not sure we'll go back but we did enjoy ourselves.

Where did their bodies go?!!

Some fun with bubbles.

We had many beautiful days in Destin and only 1 rainy day.
All together it was a fantastic vacation.
A huge thanks to Granny Jr. and Mr. Granny Jr.

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Gloria said...

Thanks for the photos. Looks like you had a fantabulous vacation. What a view from your condo!