Sunday, April 14, 2013

Two Randoms and a Rockin'

Random:  Spring
Spring is Here!
I can tell by the warmer temperatures, the thick clouds of yellow pollen EVERYWHERE
and also L and T's Spring Picture Proofs.

Lauren looks so pretty and grown-up.

 Handsome Tyler.
I love that he's showing his teeth in this smile.  He's been choosing a closed lip smile for awhile now.

Random:  Bacon Wrapped Apples

I wanted to bring a bacon dish to Bunco this week so I tested Bacon Wrapped Apples on the family.
(Core and slice an apple, wrap it in bacon, secure with a toothpick, and bake 10 minutes or so at 425F.)

They smelled delish in the oven however, the apples were a bit soft for the family's liking.
"It's too mushy."
Despite its mushy-ness, the family ate all of my test subjects and declared the soft apples to have had no effect on the tastiness of the bacon.
(I ultimately decided to make baked beans with bacon for Bunco.
They were a hit.)

Rockin':  Our Baby-Sitter!

This is what I came home to after Bunco.
(Matt and I both had plans so we hired a sitter.)
Lauren has a school room set up in the office and our Rockin' sitter left them each a special message.
We love you too Danielle!


brian said...

What's up w/ the watermark yo!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures kids! Be sure to send us or bring us a copy.
G. Jan & G. Michael