Sunday, April 21, 2013

BackYard Fun

I have a new Weekly Menu to post which includes the Margarita Fish Tacos we had tonight (Oh my Heaven!) but I see I haven't posted since my last Weekly Menu.  So, I'm going to re-post something I put on Facebook yesterday.  It's a cool memory for the children that deserves a place on our private? family blog diary.  =)

BackYard Fun!

We have a pretty decent-sized lot for the metro Atlanta area.
Our property consists of just under 2 acres but our house and manicured lawn only take up 1/2 of an acre.  That means we have a huge unkempt forest in our backyard that the kids have just recently started to explore.

They ask to go "play in the woods" daily.
Sometimes I say NO because when they come back they are always caked in mud BUT sometimes I say YES because they have so much FUN.
Besides, if you happen to have an exciting forest in your backyard shouldn't you be able to have some BackYard Fun?!!

Tyler and Lauren in their backyard boots.
(judging by their outfits can you tell the outside temperature?
...yeah, me neither)

Why walk on dry ground when you can walk in the creek?

Tera joined us on the latest BackYard Fun adventure. 
Somehow with Tera in the mix things get even muddier.

♥Best Friends♥

I tell ya...that girl is crazy!
But that's why we Love her.

(please note:  all children in the above pictures were completely de-ticked and de-leeched and de-whatevered after exploring this wooded area in the deep South.)

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Jan Hoke said...

Love their boots. What a great place to explore & play!