Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Big Dance

(Look what I found, a draft post I never got around to finishing.  Enjoy this April 6, 2013 post.)

A friend of ours won tickets to the 2013 NCAA Basketball Championship game!
Unfortunately, he was out of town on vacation and couldn't go.  Instead of just giving us the tickets (like a good friend would) he wanted to see how much he could make reselling them.  He asked us to drop them off at StubHub in downtown Atlanta for a percentage of the sale price.

We decided to make it a family day trip and off we went to experience the Big Dance festivities in Atlanta via Marta (the Atlanta subway.)

I had fun pretending they were my tickets so I updated my facebook status with a photo like this.  
And a caption that said "Look what I have."  
hee hee

After dropping the tickets off at StubHub we made our way to the Big Dance festivities at Centennial Olympic Park and headed straight for the Ferris Wheel. 

That's a lot of people for 10 in the morning.

Other than the Ferris Wheel and some lunch there just wasn't much to entertain a 7 and 9 year old for very long.  (The good music and entertainment started later in the afternoon.)

So as the crowd poured in we fought upstream to get out.
We made our way two blocks to Woodruff Park.

Sometimes (just sometimes) I think it would be neat to live right downtown and have immediate access to all the fun stuff Atlanta offers.  But then the minute passes and I'm still glad I live in the Atlanta suburbs.

Soon it was time to make our way back to Suburbia.
We took the long escalator down under the ground...
 and posed with fake and forced smiles...

while waiting for our train to arrive.

MARTA take us home.

(P.S.  Our friend ended up selling his two tickets for around $500 each.  I don't do math anymore since I have children to do it for me but I suspect 15% of the sale price is worth the fun trip downtown.)

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Gloria said...

Sounds like a fun day. You are lucky to live as near Atlanta as you do. Just a short Marta trip to all the fun.