Friday, March 29, 2013

Like Normal People

I finally got fed up today when Tyler suddenly jumped up out his chair, in the middle of dinner, and ran out of the room he does just about everyday...

I asked him where he was going (as if I didn't know...because he does this every dinner:)
He said "to the bathroom."

I told him that I used to have to say, "May I be excused?" before ever leaving the dinner table when I was a little girl.
(I didn't really but that sounded like something normal people have to do.)

I asked the kids if they thought that should be a new rule for dinner time.

Lauren said, "Yeah, then maybe we can be like normal people.  Normal people pray before they eat dinner like Joshua's family.

Touche young child.
  We are a Christian family, but she's right, we do not say a family prayer every time we eat.
We do however, pray heartfelt individual prayers.

Lauren continued with,
"and normal people have infinity screen time too."

Nice try youngin'

But do normal people serve their family's Coconut Curry Pork Satay dinner on a bed of Bok Choy leaves?

Or do they cut up vegetable scraps...

...for indoor worm farms?

I think we may be trail-blazing (or worm-holing?) the New Normal.

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