Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Tyler

Last weekend, to celebrate their March birthdays, we took Lauren and Tyler and three of their friends to see the Harlem Globetrotters at Philips Arena.

I had a blast and thought it was hilarious but I think the kids got bored and spent most of their time wondering when they could get more cotton candy.
(However, I have no doubt they'll remember them just like I did from my childhood.)

Daddy, Tyler, Gabe, and Tera

Zoe and Lauren

Back home we continued the celebration with a homemade cookie cake and sleep-over.
It was a memorable joint birthday party.

this post is mostly about Tyler's Lucky Number Seven Birthday
so let's get on with it.

Birthday Boy with his Birthday Presents.

He loved everything he got.
From the Worm Farm to the bag of Skittles to the Lego Sets to the Super Mario Dudes and the three different Minecraft characters.

He's one happy SEVEN-year-old.


the LOOT
(Lauren picked out the Lego Friends set for Tyler (small package in front) CORRECTLY assuming he would reject it and say she could have it.  Smart Girl.)

Tyler spent a good part of the day reorganizing his room to accommodate his new toys. 
(Here he accommodated the packaging to his new toys.  Pretty Creative.)

Super Proud of his Minecraft Creation

and also of his Super Mario bedroom Centerpiece.

Here he proudly models his newly redecorated bedroom.
(Pottery Barn Kids ain't got nothin' on this.)

Did I tell you he and Lauren recently switched rooms?
(no? well they did but that's a blog post for another day)

Moving on...
Tyler's Birthday Dinner
He requested Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Nuggets
(of the boxed and frozen variety)
What my baby wants, my baby least once per year.

The night was finished off with a chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate etc. cake.

Tyler is such a thoughtful, caring, intelligent, and determined little boy.  I'm very thankful that I get to watch him on his journey to awesomeness.

Love you sweet boy.
Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Tyler, it looks like u had a great birthday. I like your room decorations! Lauren, we hope you are feeling better. Great job on the sushi, Christine!! Love, G. Jan & G. Michael