Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nine Years Old

I can not believe I have a NINE YEAR OLD!
She's still my sweet, sensitive, loves her Momma little girl.
(And she still thinks I know everything.)
I love this age just as I have loved her baby and toddler hood, 
I struggle with just enjoying her sweet childhood and with freaking out that any year (day?) now she's going to start to change from my little girl into a big girl of her own.
(hormones be vexed)

Oh the cruel twists to this thing called Motherhood.

But today I choose to enjoy and celebrate Lauren's 9th Birthday.
She's a delightful, thoughtful, and hard working girl who deserves all the good things life has to offer.

Good things like this decorative assortment of birthday gifts.

SSSSSSSBooM Goes her Birthday!
(Minecraft reference if you live under a rock)

 a gift from her brother

a massive bag of her favorite candy
(and a rare Tyler sighting)

Tyler's latest pose when confronted with a camera.
-duck and roll-

The smallest gift turned out to be a pair of American Girl doll GLASSES.
She had her doll "Chloe" try them on.

Next gift was an AG Softball outfit.
Chloe once again tried on the helmet.

The tallest gift just happened to be in the American Girl Doll genre as well.

 Is that who I think it is...the doll she's been desiring since Forever? (like Christmas time)
Could it be Kaya?! 

Why yes it is.
Birthday girl with her new doll Kaya and a birthday chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

 Nine Years Old is one LUCKY age to be!

We love you sweet girl!

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Gloria said...

Looks like lots of birthday fun. I would have loved to be there. Happy ninth birthday Lauren.
Love Grammy