Monday, March 25, 2013

Bedroom Switch-a-Roo

When we moved cross-country from Oregon and into our Georgia home I was 20 weeks pregnant with Tyler.
(cross country move + 20 weeks pregnant = not much fun)

In anticipation of his arrival I chose his bedroom to be right next to mine.  18-month-old Lauren was comfortably set up down the hall.

It was a fantastic set-up while both kids were young.

Now that they are getting older and Lauren is fast approaching the pre-teen and teen-age years I've been thinking about switching their bedrooms.

Tyler's bedroom is closer to the bigger bathroom (2 sinks/lots of storage space) and Lauren's bedroom is next to the guest bedroom/bathroom.  (1 sink and not so much for storage.)

the bigger bathroom

the smaller bathroom

Lauren is beautiful without any make-up and always will be but I imagine there will come a day when she wants to spend way too much time in her bathroom and would appreciate more space.
Tyler, on the other hand, I don't see him caring less.

So... a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to switch their bedrooms.
Matt, being the "just tell me what to do and I'll do it" kind of guy didn't protest my (sort of crazy) request but got right to work disassembling beds and reassembling them in their new bedrooms.

Let's check it out!

Tyler's new bedroom in progress

the final product

my little model showing off a view of his closet

the ever changing Hall of Fame Wall

Now a peak into Lauren's new bedroom
(from the bedroom door looking in)

 the closet -  Also Known As -  the American Girl Doll apartment. 



I'm still getting adjusted to the childrens' new rooms.  While putting clothes away I constantly walk into the wrong bedroom.  However, I'm pretty sure this Bedroom Switch-a-Roo will turn out for the best.

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