Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sushi Success

I'm so excited!

#1  The Ducks made it to the Sweet 16!  oooOOOooo

#2  I made Sushi for the first time and it turned out Pretty Darned Good!
I followed this recipe for the most part.  However, I omitted the avocado and added alfalfa sprouts.
For the kids' rolls I left out the wasabe.
(it didn't matter because T didn't like it and L was still feeling under the weather and didn't eat dinner)

look at those amazing California Veggie Rolls

 I'm pretty proud of myself if you can't tell.

 The rolls were easy to make and I'm already excited to try some new combinations.
(Buffalo Chicken, & Celery Sushi...oh yeah!)

Along with the sushi I whipped up a light yet tasty Scallops with Asparagus & Peppers dish.

Although I am excited about the Oregon Ducks and my Sushi Success I'm still bummed out because Lauren is feeling under the weather.

Friday afternoon I received a call from the school nurse saying Lauren was in her office with a low grade fever and complaining of a stomach ache.
I went to pick her up and as an after thought I threw a bucket in the car Just.In.Case.
I'm glad I had my Just.In.Case Bucket because she needed to use it just before we pulled into our driveway.

Poor Girl.
She had a rough and vomity night last night but she seemed better today.
However, she seems to have taken a turn for the worse tonight.
Feel better soon sweet girl.

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Gloria said...

Hope Lauren gets feeling better soon. Seems it's always a little worse in the evening.

Good job with your sushi. So proud of my daughter, the Chef!