Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Things That Make Him Laugh

I love this boy!
(photo credit to Abby's Mom)
(I simply/obviously? took a photo of her photo.)

Tyler cracked himself up today and it's too funny not to share. My favorite little boy has such a unique and quirky sense of humor. (Now where did he get that from?!)

The giggles came on during the car ride to school. As usual we were listening to Kids Place Live on XM Radio. The following song came on:

There's a Pea on my Plate
by Bill Harley

You should really click on the link to hear the music demo and see the lyrics. But if you are like me you just won't do it so I'll copy and paste the important parts.

Anyway, the Pea on My Plate song came on and I listened to the first verse. I thought it was kind of cute and had a catchy tune so when I heard Tyler giggling in the back seat I thought he was enjoying the cuteness and catchiness right along with me.

first verse:
There's a pea on my plate that my mother put there
She knows I don't like peas but she doesn't care
She says come on try it now it's not the worst
If you want some ice cream, you must eat that pea first

After the third verse Tyler was just in stitches (aka "laughing uproariously.")

the third verse:

There's a pea on my plate that my mother put there
She knows I'm not hungry, but she doesn't care
I tell her if she makes me eat it, I'll die
She says that she's sorry to hear that, bye bye

We got to Tyler's school just as the song was ending and Tyler was still back there giggling.
I mean the song was cute and all but seriously!!?

Tyler then told me the song was about "a Mom who put pee (urine) on the boys plate and wanted him to eat it but if he did he would die."

Out of left field, no?
And that's one of the reasons why I love that boy so much.

PS. After school I showed him a real pea but I couldn't talk him out of his initial interpretation of the song. Thinking about the song made him laugh the whole day long. I may just have to buy the album now.

PPS. I hope you weren't eating while reading this post. If so, you have my apologies.

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Anonymous said...

Tyler's sense of humor is great! And so is that picture of him inside the yellow "thing". It reminds me of the photographer who takes pictures of the babies inside unique objects...can't think of her name! Jan