Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For the love of all things Turkey...I'm STUFFED (thankfully stuffed, of course!)

Thanksgiving dinner was a fancy feast shared by my favorite people.
Matt, Lauren, Tyler and Myself
the fancy table setting:
the spread:

The Main Dish:
Herb-Roasted Turkey
(Matt's splendidly-scrumptious contribution to the meal)
He basically carved the turkey before he roasted it.

The Side Details:
Turkey and (canned) jellied Cranberry Sauce

Southern Green Beans
(based on this recipe halved minus the potatoes, onions and butter)
(with all that salt pork and bacon grease...who needs butter?!)
Gravy from a packet
(a packet from Albertson's none-the-less)
(that should tell you how long I've had that packet of turkey gravy)
I'm not quite done talking about the gravy. Please notice my "gravy boat" in the above picture. Why didn't we get a "gravy boat" as a wedding gift? Did I forget to register for one? Our 10 year anniversary will be next August so if you need any gift ideas.....
(*wink* and now moving on)

Candied Sweet Potatoes
(cooked in a skillet on the stove instead of an electric fry pan)
(what is an electric fry pan anyway?)
Cranberry Popovers
Yeast Rolls

Mashed Potatoes
(the one dish I can make without a recipe)
and Stuffing Casserole
(recipe off the bag of Pepperidge Farms stuffing mix)

My Loves:
(L and T are sporting their Thanksgiving Shirts)

The Dessert:
Gormet Cherry Pie
(Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust and a can of Cherry Pie filling)
Both Matt and I thought this was our best Thanksgiving yet (as a couple.) (If our parents are reading this then our best ever Thanksgiving dinner was one you cooked, of course.)

I just may copy this exact dinner and serve it again next year. If you know me then you know I rarely repeat a recipe but this spread was THAT good!

I didn't even want to let the turkey bones (even the neck) go to waste. As I type this they are a-simmering on the stove getting ready to make some turkey soup for tomorrow.
I am disgustingly stuffed but so so happy and fulfilled and very Thankful for everything.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all.


Gloria said...

The spread looks yummy and remarkedly close to our Thanksgiving spread. We skipped the mashed potatoes, though, and had rice - a nod to the visiting Peruvians. A great day was had by all and there is a shopping trip in the works for tonight!?!!??!!!??A first ever for me.

brian said...

happy thanksgiving