Sunday, November 28, 2010

so long Thanksgiving

After a whole week off for Thanksgiving the children go back to school tomorrow. I'm not sure who's more upset, me or the kiddos. (I'm not a fan of the 6am alarm.)

This weekend we feasted on turkey sandwiches, turkey quesadillas and turkey soup while we decorated for Christmas. (so long turkey)

The kiddos helped Matt put up the outside lights...

and then they helped me decorate the tree. Tyler told me he really loved the tree even though it's really really small. Sure it's small but it doesn't need water and comes already lit. It's too expensive to ship the good trees all the way from Oregon (Go Ducks!) so I guess I'm okay with a fake tree. I'll just light me a noble fir scented candle.
Today Matt and I said, "so long Thanksgiving" with a BANG. A vendor Matt often works with gave him two Club Level tickets to the Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers football game. Much to the chagrin of all Matt's poker buddies, I wanted to go!! Football is SOOO much better live.
I wore red even though my Dad was a huge Green Bay Packers fan and naturally I grew up a fan as well. I would have worn his puffy Green Bay coat I took after he died but the Georgia Dome is (domed and) heated. So I wore red. Maybe Atlanta is growing on me. =)
The fireworks at the beginning were awesome.
I did, however, make a mental note of the nearest exit because we were in the Georgia Dome. (which has a dome...a flammable? dome?)
I had a blast at the game. They didn't get out there and paint the yellow line marking every first down so it was harder to tell where it was but to see the action, the taunting, the tackles, the face-masks, the owner of the Falcons walking around like he owned the place made this the perfect way to say so long Thanksgiving. Bring on the work/school week.

Falcons won by 3.
(I like to think my Dad got to watch the game through me. I think he would have enjoyed it as much as I did.)

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Gloria said...

Love the tree. No water - no needles in the carpet - Sign me up for a fake tree, too.

So glad you got to go the the Packer game - your dad would have loved it - with or without his Packer coat.