Sunday, December 29, 2013

RIP Cat Food

We were told it could happen but we had no idea it would happen this soon.

We lost our dear friend Cat Food today.
Here is he back in the good old days.
(Just look at the shiny orange tail he once had.)

We thoroughly enjoyed the two full days we had with him before his sudden death from natural causes.

We were surprised he did not float to the top.
(I thought that's how you tell a fish has passed on.)

Matt, being the oldest male in the house, took on his dead fish duty with pride.

He scooped Cat Food out of the tank and transferred him via Ziplock snack bag to his semi-resting place in the freezer morgue.
(PetSmart has a 14 day return? policy so we need to save the receipt and corpse.) 

The other fish: Lacario, Hyper, Juliette and Dr. Pork Chops are coping as well as can be expected.  Hopefully they'll be receptive to a new orange guppy who will be joining them soon.

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