Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013 - The Presents

Merry Christmas!!!
We had a wonderfully peaceful day and I hope you all did as well.

Obviously, Christmas is about Christ and we did talk about the true meaning of Christmas and the truly perfect gift of salvation God gave to us through his Son.

The children were very appreciative but in all honesty, they are kids and were more into the PRESENTS.

They were excited Santa brought them a FISH TANK!

He included a letter and some money to buy some fish.
(apparently, he doesn't carry fish on his sleigh)

Unfortunately, Santa must have had an accident coming down the chimney because the fish tank had a big crack in it when the children woke up.
(I'm pretty sure "he" was completely upset with "him"self when the accident happened and paused a few minutes to make she "he" didn't wake the children.)

Finally, Christmas morning came and Tyler and Lauren didn't notice a thing.
Here they are dying to check out what Santa brought them in their stockings.

After the stockings were emptied we headed to the basement tree where I kept all of our presents.
They are so READY to open presents that it's hard to smile normal for a picture.

Let the present frenzy begin.
(Everyone got more presents than they needed but I really believe everyone appreciated every gift they received.)

Even the grown-ups received a good number of gifts.
Daddy's pile: 

Momma's pile:
(judging from the number of handmade gifts from the kids, and the SEVEN bags from Matt from Victoria's Secret, I'm going to say...
I think my family Loves me!)  

After the gifts were opened it was time to PLAY.
L and T took time to play with and appreciate each and every gift they received.
Here is just a small sampling:

Furby Boom

My First Lab Microscope

 Minecraft Lego-set

Animal Crossing 3DS game

Lego Friends Heartlake City Pool

Matt got right to work installing his new Nest thermostats.

I loved watching everyone get excited for their presents but what I loved most of all was spending this wonderful day with my little family.
There is a lot of love in our house...

and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Two days after Christmas we went to Petsmart and bought a new fish tank.  We also took Santa's fish money and adopted 5 new fish.  Lauren's friend Lisa came with us so we let her pick out a fish as well.

I don't have a good picture of the fish in the tank yet but I thought I'd introduce you to them in case I ever get one.
(everyone named their own fish)

1.  Lacario (Tyler's Dalmation Molly)
2.  Hyper (Lisa's Silver Molly)
3.  Juliette (Lauren's Red Wag Platy)
4.  Cat Food (Daddy's Orange Guppy)
5.  Dr. Pork Chops (Daddy's Yellow Guppy)

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