Monday, December 23, 2013

Sleepless Over Seattle

We've all seen the movie Sleepless in Seattle right?

Well Matt and I have been quite Sleepless Over Seattle for the last couple of months.

In November we found out Matt's company, Harris Group, was going to close the Atlanta office at the end of the year. 

(Matt is the manager of the Atlanta office.)

They kindly offered to move us and our belongings to Seattle so Matt could continue to work for his long time beloved company.

At this point Matt and I made a number of Pro/Con lists about the relocation.

*Closer proximity to family.  
  (Most of our family is in Oregon and Idaho so Seattle, WA would be a car ride instead of a plane ride.)
*Matt could continue to work for his great company, Harris Group.  He has many good friends and co-workers there.

*We would be up-routing our children from their school and friends.
*Cost of Living
  (It costs A LOT MORE to live in Seattle than Atlanta.)
*Selling our house
  (We bought our house in 2005 at the Top of the Market.  There's no way we could currently sell our house and make any money.)
*Renting our house
  (That would be a Pain to manage cross country.)
  (c'mon now)

After many Sleepless nights over Seattle
 we decided 

Matt got his resume out there and went on a number of interviews.
He ended up with a job offer from a company in the exact same building as Harris Group.

Matt will be venturing away from the Pulp and Paper Industry but will jump right into the Fertilizer Industry.
We are very excited about this opportunity.

Weatherly is owned by a Swedish Company and they offer wonderful benefits.
(i.e. 100% Healthcare coverage for the family!)

Matt's last day with HarrisGroup was last Friday, December 20th, and his first day at Weatherly isn't until next Monday the 30th, so he gets to enjoy the entire week of Christmas in between jobs.

A wonderful Christmas Gift!
Merry Christmas Y'all!

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