Friday, December 20, 2013

Thanksgiving in Pictures

 This Thanksgiving we were lucky and very thankful to have my Mom with us and also my cousin Kelly.
That would be Grammy and Mr. Kelly to my children.
Since we live in the South, our children are not allowed to call an adult simply by his/her first name.
(there must also be a Mr., Mrs., Ms, or Miss, included)
I love our culture of respect.

I'm so Thankful for this Thanksgiving because it was a piece of cake with all of my mom's help.
It was a wonderful day!  So, enough chit-chat and let's bring on the pictures.

Preparing the scratch dinner rolls
(can't tell I hate to bake can ya?)

I think they rose up quite well.

pickles, olives, carrots, celery, celery with peanut butter, hummus and ranch dip and SkinnyTaste Deviled Eggs.

so pretty

The Thanksgiving Spread:
Turkey (Grammy's secret recipe...which is cooked with bacon,) candied sweet potatoes, green beans, fruit salad, corn casserole (big hit!), mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, rolls, and two different types of dressing.
I cheated on the dressing.  Instead of making it we bought it at the Cajun Meat Company in Marietta, GA. 
We tried both their Cornbread Dressing and their Crawfish Dressing.
The Cornbread Dressing will definitely make a return visit!
Soooo Yummy.

Ready to EAT.
There's Mr. Cousin Kelly!

We took a short break after dinner to relax but it didn't take long for us to crave some dessert.

 the (simple) Dessert counter

mini Pecan Pies
(based on this recipe)

Matt was especially lucky that my Mom was here.  He had mentioned he wanted Pecan Pie for dessert, however, I DO NOT LIKE PECAN PIE so I had no intention of making it.  My Mom interceded and said she'd make her dear son-in-law a bunch of mini Pecan Pies.
She also made the Chocolate Cream Pie.
(yes, I know she rocks!  Matt misses her dearly.)

Grammy may have rocked the desserts but I had my hand at the left-over turkey carcass.
I added all the picked over bones, drippings, some chopped veggies, herbs and seasonings and then covered with water and simmered over-night to make a delicious Turkey Soup.

With this soup I was able to relive Thanksgiving for a whole week.
What a wonderful Thanksgiving it was!

I have another batch in the freezer when I want to relive it again.

Sometime after Christmas.

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