Monday, December 9, 2013

Tyler got REACHED

A few weeks ago Tyler's teacher sent a form home for me to fill out about the REACH (gifted) program at school.  It has a number of questions on what I think about Tyler's abilities.  Of course in his mother's eyes he's brilliant but I tried to answer it as honestly as I could.  (So of course I said he excelled in all areas and categories.)  

After I sent the questionnaire back they did some testing and today we received the official letter stating that Tyler was accepted into the REACH program.  

 I was thrilled that they ranked his Creativity level in the 99th percentile.
Tyler has always had a unique perspective on everything and I love that it was noticed.

Way to go big boy.  We are so proud of you.

Now bring on the extra homework.

**As of now, Lauren has lost her "I'm in Reach" leverage over Tyler.  Time to take the competition to the next level.**

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