Monday, December 9, 2013

St. Augustine with Grammy

My Mom (Grammy) came to visit for a couple weeks in November.  After a couple days hanging out at home we whisked her a away for a long weekend in St. Augustine, Florida.  She'd never been and it is one of my favorite cities.

St. Augustine or Bust.

 We could not have asked for better weather on our first full day there.
We spent a lot of time at the beach enjoying the 80 degree weather!
Me and my Momma

The water was cold at first but we quickly got used to it.

We changed into swimsuits and went back.
Why can't I live here?!!

The resort we stayed at had a couple of pools so we spent some time in the heated one.

Look at Grammy's toes.
(She may have gotten a little too warm sitting in the sun.)

It was pretty warm clear into the evening so we went back out to the beach after dark.
Lot's of flashlight fun ensued.

It was an older condo but it had everything we needed and the price was right.  ($80 a night!)
I'm kind of obsessed with condos so I take lots of pictures to be sure I can remember them and the trip.  But...I'll spare you my camera roll and just choose a few of them.

We had a two bedroom, two bath unit on the ground level.  Our sliding glass door off the living room was only 150 feet to the beach.
A view from the back of the condo looking through the living room, with a peek of a bedroom and on to the front door.

the little pocket of a kitchen
(I'm making tacos for the fam.)

the dining area and living room with a peek into the master bedroom

  living room 
the back patio opens to the parking lot but just steps to the beach access bridge

 I am so glad we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather because the next day was FREEZING!!
It went from 80 degrees to 50 something.

Being the rockstars we are we ignored mother nature and took a trolley tour to explore and learn all about the history of St. Augustine.
Such a fascinating city!  Please visit if you can. 

Around lunch time we hopped off the trolley to do some window shopping and some eating.

(yes, those are glasses of sangria for Matt and myself!)

After two full days in St. Augustine it was time to head back home.
Before we left we had to make one last trip to the beach.

Till we meet again, St. Augustine.

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