Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Post Mostly for My Mom(s)

With our new fish tank smack in the middle of my junk counter we had to make some adjustments.
(Ignore the goofballs and you'll see the fish tank.)

We took a trip to IKEA and got all the supplies we needed.
Mr. Awesome doesn't even need the IKEA picture directions to put stuff together.
It's in his blood. (wink)

Once Matt put the shelf together we slid it in between the washer and the utility sink.
It now holds the cat food (and cat litter after I took the pic.)

We also got some "hanging hooks" to allow for extra bag storage on the wall left of the window.

On the wall opposite from the washer and dryer we bought a shelf to hold my displaced junk from the fish tank area.  Underneath the shelf we hung another set of "hanging hooks" to hold my bags.

(a view from the back of the laundry room)

I really like the new laundry room.
It's amazing what a couple of small changes can do.


AnneC said...

I see an organizing utility tote! :) Let me know if you need any other cute bags or organizing stuff, I can hook you up even from across the country!

tricia boughton said...

The room looks great cant wait to see it