Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013 - The Food

Christmas this years was so FILLING.
My heart was filled with love just hanging out with my family and thoroughly enjoying the day but my tummy was also filled with the delicious food.

Fill your eyes with these pictures!

For breakfast we enjoyed our traditional Cinnamon Rolls.
(easy to make...you should try them!)

The fancy Christmas Dinner included:

Honey Baked Ham
(Matt's new company gave all of their employees $50 gift cards to Honey Baked Ham for Christmas.  Matt's start date wasn't until the 29th but they were nice enough to give him one anyway.)

Super Fancy Baked Beans
(recipe so secret I can't post it) (wink)

Grandma Anna/G.G.'s Cornbread

The food is served.

Ready to eat us some Christmas.
(when I grow up I will take awesome and not hazy pictures)

Can't forget the Dessert!
I'm full all over again just posting these pictures.

I hope you all had a deliciously filling Christmas!


Jan said...

I'm going to try the green beans. They sound delicious! And, I actually printed off the Cinnabon recipes again & plan to try it again, even it isn't Gluten Free. I'm sick of Gluten Free! It's worth a stomach ache!

Anonymous said...

We need a new blog, please