Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cat Condo

Remember when Matt had no interest at all in adopting a sweet little baby kitten but he eventually came around?

 Look how little Romy was!
(in his bassinet)

 (in the latrine)

I forgot he used to cower before Chloe.
(Now he attacks her and lets her know he's in charge.)

Well Matt, the documented Cat not-lover, took a lot of his spare time to build our cats a
Cat Condo!

I'm impressed at all my man can do.  Check this thing out!

Romy loves it and has taken complete possession of it.

He owns every level.

He also really enjoys the enclosure which makes Matt very happy since he spent a lot of time making it.

 While Romy is off on outdoor adventures Chloe takes advantage of her time on the Cat Condo.

This actually isn't the first Cat Condo Matt has made.
Remember this one from back in 2004?
Lookit Little 3-yr-old Chloe!
(that was for you Susan)

Let me know if you want one.  His prices may be astronomical but he sure has a knack for these Cat Condos!


Gloria said...

Wow! great job Matt. One picture looks like Romy is repositioning a level. Guess Matt didn't get it perfect after all. haha

brian said...

Looks nice. Next week Matt can build this...

Christine said...

Great idea Brian (or do you prefer "Anonymous"?)I'll get him on that right away.