Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tyler: My little old man in a seven year old body.

Tyler: My little Old Man.

Tyler does not like Uncomfortable Clothes.
Unless the pants are made of silky/sporty 100% polyester material and the shirts are at least 100% smooth cotton he does not like it.
"It feels scratchy."
Even his socks, if they are not worn inside-out, "feel scratchy" to him.

I love my little Old Man.

Tomorrow is school picture day and I bought him (for this very occasion) an outfit from the GAP.  A pair of cargo shorts and a smooth to the touch polo shirt.  He tried it on and with one expression "poo poo'd" the outfit.

Don't worry, he'll be wearing it tomorrow and I'll get a photo.

I love my little Old Man.


I love my little Old Man and sometimes he says the darnedest things.

When I took Romy (the new cat) to the vet for his shots and initial check-up the Veterinarian said he has some Bengal in him.  I went home and researched the Bengal Cat and shared my findings with the kiddos.  Bengal cats love water.  This makes sense because Romy goes crazy when he finds water.

Today, Tyler found Romy lapping up some water in the dishwasher while I was unloading the clean dishes.  He came to the conclusion that, "Romy must be a dime of that cat who likes water [bengal cat.]"

I guess he meant Romy was not quite a quarter Bengal cat but closer to a dime.

Gosh I love my little Old Man with all his opinions in his seven year old body.


Gloria said...

Such a cute "little old man". He makes total sense to me. Can't wait to see the school photos.

Grandma Jan said...

He's always thinking!

Ellen said...

Jared has the same shirt...go minecraft!