Sunday, September 1, 2013

Duct Tape Wallets

Lauren and her friend Kaylee were on a mission this weekend.
I'm not sure how it came up but somehow, between the two of them they decided they wanted to make Duct Tape Wallets...
and they wanted the Sell Them.

They found an on-line tutorial and took it away.

Hard at work making wallets.
(yet still supporting their respective College Football teams)

looking good!

check out the detail in the inside pockets!

 So many wallets to choose from!

They even went above and beyond and designed their own uniforms.
(Yes they are bedazzled with Duck Tape sparkles.)

They will take custom orders.
Just let them know.
(via Me...e-mail/facebook or comment on the blog.)
$1.50 for the large wallets
$0.50 for the small wallets

They will deliver locally for free and will also ship for a fee (the shipping fee.)

proud of these girls:

K and L Duck Tape 

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