Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today's Funnies

Both my kids cracked me up today.
(Gosh, I love them so much.)

Let's start with Tyler:
This evening we all took our showers a little early (like before dinner early.) So after dinner we had plenty of time to chill before bedtime.  I asked Tyler if he wanted to go brush his teeth and he said to me, verbatim, "I already did.  I'm just waiting for a TV to turn on and Big Brother right in my face."
He cracks me up!
(and Yes, we watch Big Brother as a family and we are all for Gina Marie.  We haven't watched today's episode since we are one behind so no spoilers in the comments!)

Now on to Lauren:
She cracked me up when I found this picture of her on my phone.
I have it password protected but somehow she realized she could take a picture without punching in the password.
She did this secretly and in retaliation because Matt and I enjoy taking pictures and resetting her and Tyler's screen-savers on their iPods.

Clever Girl!

Some of our screen-saver masterpieces...

If only you could have seen their faces when they discovered we took over their iPods.
 I wonder if L and T think we are as funny as we think we are.

And that my folks, is Today's Funnies.

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