Thursday, September 12, 2013

Poor Romy: Part Two

Today was Romy's big day at the vet.
(no baby Romys in our future)

Poor Romy...
but poor Matt and Christine's wallet as well.
I'm pretty sure the vet made BANK.

$350 bucks to be neutered and have a microchip implanted?!
(I think Matt was cheaper.) tmi?
Next time I may just go buy a rubber-band and do it myself.

Since Romy wasn't allowed to have any food after 8pm the night before, he was a complete brat this morning.  He knocked over his water dish three times and clawed at his food container.
I think he might be a lot like me when I am hungry.  (bratty)

Needless to say, when we got home from the vet Romy was STARVING!
He devoured his food.

After he was done stuffing his face, I gave him his pain medication and he went to chill out in his crate for awhile.

He must be feeling okay now because he just bolted upstairs to hang out with Lauren while she brushed her teeth.  

Poor Romy's going to be just fine.


brian said...

Where did they place Matt's microchip?

Christine said...

Matt doesn't need to know that info. ;)

Anne C. said...

I totally understand the vet bills. I have two cats and one dog and trying to deal with a flea problem the previous owner of the house left has been quite a drain on my pocketbook. Then a couple weeks ago my cat has a swollen jaw...turns out she broke a tooth and the whole thing became infected. First visit to get it checked out was $100 and then the next visit for surgery was estimated at $300. I can't not take care of my kid (cat) so I make the appt. and thankfully it was only $200 for the surgery. But still, $300 to get her healed up. To bad their isn't pet insurance....but then they'd probably all be healthy!