Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tears and Fears

As we were cleaning up before bedtime, after our FUN evening of rubberband bracelet and Lego crafts, Lauren suddenly started crying.

With bloodshot and teary eyes she asked me what would happen if burglars broke into our house.

(I'm not surprised she asked this because a 14-year-old girl from Metro Atlanta was kidnapped by gunmen in the middle of the night two nights ago and the story has constantly been in the news.  (Thankfully the girl was found alive today.))

It made me tear up to think that #1, she paid attention to and took to heart the news I have on each morning while we get ready for school and #2, that she almost has a right to be fearful because this crime occurred only 30 miles from us. 

While swallowing my own threat of tears, I reassured her that we live in a very safe area.  And even though it is so safe I still make sure to lock our doors and windows every night.  We then went through the house checking to make sure all the doors and windows were locked. 

Still teary eyed she asked me, "but what if the burglars have guns?"

I had to tell her that I have a gun too.  It's locked away but I will use it if I have to to make sure we are safe.  The bottom line is we are safe.

She seemed content with this and we continued on with our bedtime routine without further incident.

I'm sad and angry that we even had to have that conversation.


This afternoon wasn't all sadness and fears though.
Lauren's been asking for a Rainbow Loom to make her own rubberband bracelets and one just happened to show up in the mail today.

After watching a YouTube video (and with no help from me) she got right to work and whipped up her first bracelet.

Awesome job!!

Someone else got something delivered today but that will have to wait for another post.

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Jan said...

It's a different world that Lauren & Tyler are growing up in. They shouldn't even have to worry about such things!