Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Totals

number of pounds lost this week:  .4
four week total:  9.6
(a loss is a loss is a loss...I'll take it)

K and L Duck Tape stand

 $28:  money L and K made in two days of Duct Tape Wallet sales
way to go girls!

$65:  How much I got for L and T's play kitchen.
(I sold this via a local "yard-sale" Facebook group.)  

I can't believe my children have grown out of the play kitchen.  Like my Mom said,
"It's the end of an era."
L and T, however, had no qualms about selling their kitchen...they were just happy to each receive a $20 bill from the sale.


Anonymous said...

what about my $20?

Christine said...

Assuming Mr Anonymous is my husband, I'll share the left-over $25 with you. :)

Gloria said...

Your weight loss is perfect. 9 lbs in three weeks is great. Just keep at it and you will be where you want in no time. So glad kids were excited to see the kitchen go. They are learning early to let go of things they don't need anymore. I could learn from them! Haha